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Bob Mlynek


Whether we like or not, cold weather is just around the corner. That means cranking up the heat or lighting the fireplace. But no likes being cold in their own home or paying outrageous heating bills. Unfortunately, this is all too common of an issue people experience every Fall and Winter season. But did you know one of the simplest ways to deal with a cold, energy inefficient home is replacing your old windows? New vinyl, double pane windows can significantly increase the energy efficiency of our homes and cut down the devastatingly high heating (and cooling) bills.

    Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and last significantly longer that the old single pane, wooden windows. Vinyl does not deteriorate overtime like wood when exposed to weather. Vinyl does not require painting and cleaning vinyl windows is easy due to the many features these windows have such as tilting sashes.


    To many this sounds great. But why go through the hassle of replacing our windows if we don't know if there is really anything wrong with them? Wooden windows are not necessarily problematic. Some signs of needing new windows are obvious such as broken glass and rotting sills, frames, or sashes. However, there are other more subtle signs that it may be time to replace our windows. Some of these signs include a cold draft of air leaking into our homes from around the edges of the windows, moisture on the inside of our windows or fogging of the windows that is in between the panes of glass if our windows are double paned. These are all signs that heated or air conditioned air from our homes is escaping through our windows. This ultimately drives up the cost of our energy bills and leaves our wallets empty. So let's give our loved ones the holiday season they deserve and spend our money on them, not the energy companies.

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